Activist Ienelis Delgado Cué released after serving her sentence

The activist known as Mambisa Agramontina served a nine-month prison sentence for the alleged crime of "contempt".

Activist Ienelis Delgado Cué released after serving her sentence

Camagüeyan activist Ienelis Delgado Cué (known as Mambisa Agramontina) was released this Friday after serving a nine-month sentence in the women’s prison of Kilo 5, in Camagüey. Delgado Cué was prosecuted under the charge of “disrespect” for expressing her support for fellow activist Anniette González, known as “the flag woman.”

“Today I was released from prison, after nine months. I remain firm in my principles despite all the repression I suffered. I will continue fighting for the freedom of political prisoners in Cuba, of which there still are quite a few in prison,” stated Delgado Cué with a Cuban flag over her shoulders, in a video shared by the Cuban Observatory of Human Rights on social network X, formerly Twitter.

Acaba de salir de prisión tras 9 meses de encierro, Ienelis Delgado Cue “Mambisa Agramontina”, reafirmando la voluntad de continuar luchando y mantenerse firme a favor de la liberación de todos los presos políticos.#SOSCuba #LibertadParaLosPresosPoliticosCuba #Cuba — Observatorio Cubano de Derechos Humanos (@observacuba) December 29, 2023

Delgado Cué’s arrest took place last April, when she was arrested at her home in Camagüey. The activist, mother of a seven-year-old girl, was transferred to the provincial headquarters of State Security and, subsequently, to prison.

The release of “Mambisa Agramontina” occurs in a context marked by the imprisonment of over 100 women for political reasons in Cuba. Organizations like the Cuban Legal Information Center Cubalex have actively worked to make visible the situation of these women deprived of freedom.

Several NGOs, including Prisoners Defenders, Justicia 11J, the Cuban Observatory of Human Rights, and Cubalex, have denounced the hostile environment and the continuous human rights violations faced by political prisoners on the Island. According to the latest report from Prisoners Defenders, there are currently 121 women in this situation in Cuba.