Ambassador of the regime in Costa Rica warns Costa Rican deputy not to associate with exiled leader

The ambassador of the Cuban regime in Costa Rica warned a congressman not to meet with Orlando Gutiérrez-Boronat again.

Ambassador of the regime in Costa Rica warns Costa Rican deputy not to associate with exiled leader

Costa Rican congressman Eli Feinzaig from the Progressive Liberal Party denounced having received a warning from the Cuban regime’s ambassador in his country, Jorge Rodríguez, about his relations with Orlando Gutiérrez-Boronat, the leader of the Cuban Resistance Assembly.

According to Feinzaig, the Cuban ambassador warned him in a letter not to meet again with Gutiérrez-Boronat, who has been included by the Havana regime on a list of supposed “terrorists”.

In an interview granted to Martí Noticias, Feinzaig detailed the content of the letter: “Last Thursday, I received a note from the ambassador of Cuba in Costa Rica, which attached a publication from the Cuban Official Gazette with a list of people and organizations that the regime considers or has designated as terrorists.”

The congressman expressed his rejection of these accusations, stating that “those on that list are all opponents of the regime inside and outside the Island.” Also, he “absolutely rejected the designation of terrorists of people with a democratic vocation who are fighting to free their country from the clutches of the dictatorship.”

Gutiérrez-Boronat, mentioned at number 52 on the list published by the Havana regime, is accused of inciting violent actions against public officials and socioeconomic entities, and of promoting an armed aggression to the Island.

Feinzaig commented on the specific mention of his friend in the note: “In the note that he addresses to me, he makes special mention of my friend Orlando Gutiérrez-Boronat, warning me that he is a terrorist, according to their consideration and, in other words, warning me that I should not be associating with him.”

Upon learning of the inclusion of Gutiérrez-Boronat in the “National List of Terrorists,” Feinzaig expressed his solidarity and rejection of the accusation: “I have a beautiful friendship with Orlando, I consider him my brother, I admire him for his fight for the freedom of Cuba, the fight for democracy in Cuba and, of course, I also reject the accusation.”

Furthermore, he described as “unprecedented and disrespectful” that an ambassador would dare to tell a congressman of an independent and democratic country who he can or cannot associate with.

In early December 2023, the “National List” of “persons and entities linked to acts of terrorism” was made public, which includes dozens of activists, communicators, influencers, and organizations based in the United States.

This list, which is part of Resolution 19/2023 of the MININT, was published in the extraordinary edition number 83 of the Official Gazette. The document also attributes to the United States the responsibility of promoting actions against the security of the Cuban state.