"Counterrevolution, scum, mercenaries": that's how Mariela Castro refers to those who criticize her.

"That's how they live, by offending and denigrating, being themselves the worst human beings," opined a netizen on social network X.

"Counterrevolution, scum, mercenaries": that's how Mariela Castro refers to those who criticize her.

The director of the National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX) of Cuba, Mariela Castro Espín, attempted to discredit her critics during her intervention in one of the standing committees of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP), of which she is a deputy.

“I was attacked by the counterrevolution, by the ‘gusanera’ —a word that I really like to use because it describes very well those who work as mercenaries in the service of the interests of the United States against Cuba— because I was highlighting the role of the Party. Of course, I am going to continue highlighting the role of the Party…,” said the daughter of Raúl Castro, who was interrupted by the applause of female and male deputies.

The video of her intervention was shared on the social network X, previously Twitter, by Cuban activist Magdiel Jorge Castro, who stated: “Mariela Castro says she really likes using the word ‘gusanera’ against Cubans that she considers ‘mercenaries’… The infanta of Cuba feels immune offending everyone who opposes her father’s regime, let no one forget”.

Mariela Castro says she really likes to use the word “gusanera” against Cubans she considers “mercenaries”… the infanta of #Cuba feels immune offending those of us who oppose her father’s regime, let no one forget👇🏻 pic.twitter.com/OWEKvtmqUd — Mag Jorge Castro🇨🇺 (@mjorgec1994) December 21, 2023

Numerous internet users also criticized Castro Espín for her statements. “It is impressive how this woman receives applause, many of those who applaud know nothing about the standard of living these people have,” wrote Claudio Cabrera.

Meanwhile, the user identified as Diabetes digest pointed out: “While the people are starving and have no medicine, she lives better than the ‘bourgeoisie’ against whom her unmentionable ancestors fought, better than the exploitative imperialists. In the end, that’s what they live for, to offend and denigrate, being themselves the worst human beings.”

Recently, the Cuban sexologist was also criticized for her anti-Zionist remarks. During a public meeting held at the University of Havana (UH), Castro Espín said that Israel required “more radical” pressures. “The Intifada has symbolic value in the Palestinian resistance, but imperialism can no longer be confronted with stones, nor with words, nor through diplomatic channels,” she noted.

During her appearance, the director of CENESEX wore a Palestinian keffiyeh around her neck and said she did not speak on behalf of the Government of the Island, but from her personal conception as a “citizen of the world.”

“I believe that in situations like this, much more acute, much more radical pressures must be made,” she added.