Cuban migrant is captured after fleeing from the Krome Detention Center in Miami

The authorities deployed an operation to arrest the Antillean.

Cuban migrant is captured after fleeing from the Krome Detention Center in Miami

A Cuban migrant who was in custody at the Krome Detention Center, located at 18200 SW 12th Street in Miami, managed to escape on Tuesday afternoon, reported América Tevé.

This escape triggered a search operation that involved the Miami-Dade police and other local agencies, as well as aerial and canine resources. Finally, the man was located and detained at 7:58 p.m. on the same day by Miami Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO).

So far, it has not been revealed how he managed to escape from the place, nor has it been confirmed if he posed a threat to the community. The authorities have not yet released his name or age.

The Krome Detention Center is a federally supervised facility, where foreigners with deportation orders are held after being processed by immigration authorities. In recent months, Cubans in such a situation have been transferred to this place to await their transfer to the Island.

Since last April, there have been eight aerial mobilizations of this kind toward the Greater of the Antilles. The last one occurred on Thursday, November 30th from South Florida destined for Havana.

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) contracted a charter flight with the airline Global X to carry out the operation of returning citizens in irregular migration status and with deportation orders I-220B.

However, what is striking is that, despite estimates indicating that there are about 40,000 Cubans with deportation orders in the North American country, the repatriation flights are not reaching their maximum capacity of 186 people.

The first flight, carried out on April 24th, transported 123 migrants, representing approximately 66% of the total plane capacity. From this movement, there is a general downward trend in the number of deportees per flight, reaching its lowest point with only 27 migrants in the operation of October 26th, which represents about 14.5% of the capacity.

A few days ago, it was reported that Republican and Democratic legislators, along with the administration of President Joe Biden, are in the midst of talks to modify US immigration policy.

These discussions could result in a tightening of the measures, including an increase in deportations and the creation of a more effective deterrent environment. According to a report by CBS News, representatives of the Republican Party are conditioning the approval of a significant financial aid package for Ukraine on a change in border policy.