Medical students do not want to practice the profession in Cuba.

The majority are dissatisfied with the shortage and the facilities of the hospitals.

Medical students do not want to practice the profession in Cuba.

Medical students in Cuba expressed the concerns and doubts they have about their professional future when interviewed by YouTuber Rosy Wanderlust at an institution of higher education on the Island.

The most surprising aspect of their statements is that some of them do not plan to practice their profession in the country and hope to be able to emigrate, as thousands of their compatriots have done.

In justifying this situation, they pointed out the lack of basic medications and even supplies like gloves to prevent some type of infection. It also bothers them that, as part of their training, they have to decide which patient to give the only ampule of duralgina available in a scenario of shortage.

Another of the main concerns expressed by the future doctors is the precarious economic situation they will face once they finish their training. “If I start selling churros on the corner of the hospital, I’ll earn more than the best-qualified specialist,” lamented one of the interviewees.

The youth also argued the dismal working conditions, shortages in infrastructure, and the lack of basic supplies which endangers their safety and that of patients. For example, laboratory technicians are exposed to the risk of infection of diseases due to the lack of supplies for their respective protection.

In the situations described by the young students, there have been cases of negligence on the Island, or improvisations that doctors apply to try to save the lives of patients due to the lack of clinical instruments.