Regime threatens needy family to not accept help from "counter-revolutionaries"

Angelo's family and his five siblings were threatened with having their government check removed if they continue to receive help from activists.

Regime threatens needy family to not accept help from "counter-revolutionaries"

The Cuban humanitarian activist, identified on social media as Lara Crofs, denounced this Tuesday the pressures the regime is putting on needy families to prevent them from accepting help from opponents like her.

Lara Crofs, known for her work in delivering donations to vulnerable households, explained that just a few days ago, upon arriving with more donations for Angelo’s family and his five siblings, she was met with a refusal from Angelo’s mother.

The latter said she no longer wanted to receive help, as the president of the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and some “companions” had visited her to threaten to take away the checkbook granted by the government if she continued to accept help from the “counterrevolutionaries.”

The activist tried to explain to Angelo’s mother that, thanks to the collaboration of a friend, the family could do without the government checkbook, as he committed to covering their monthly needs.

However, the mother maintained her decision to reject the help, as well as avoided being interviewed by friends who could increase the visibility of her case and, therefore, generate more donations.

This situation, explains Lara Crofs, is not an isolated case. She has experienced similar cases before, especially when trying to help elderly people in precarious conditions.

“I perfectly understand and continue to sympathize with Angelo’s family. Fear is a terrible thing, even more so when you know you are defenseless and left to your own fate. Still, they know how to find me and I reiterate my support. They can always find a hot meal and a change of clean clothes with me, in addition to whatever I have available at that moment. For now, that’s all I can do,” reads the post.

Likewise, she assured that she will continue to help the most needy people.