Spanish police shoot and kill a man of Cuban origin.

During the confrontation with the police, the man tried to hit an officer with an iron bar.

Spanish police shoot and kill a man of Cuban origin.

The National Police of Spain shot and killed a man of Cuban origin in the city of La Coruña, reported the agency Europa Press.

Sources close to the case confirmed that the events occurred this Monday in the A Grela industrial area around 10:30. The individual, who was 35 years old, died as a result of the gunshot wounds.

The “very aggressive” behavior of the man forced the intervention of the officers. The same individual had been involved in previous altercations and had broken several windows in the area.

Testimonies collected by El Diario de Galicia claim that the man had caused a previous incident with a large iron bar on Arteixo Avenue, hitting the windows of some cars with the intention of stealing from inside.

Yesterday in #ACoruña we woke up to a stabbing and today a criminal tried to murder a #PoliciaNacional who had to be shot down

All our legal and psychological support to those involved

Urgent measures in the city are needed, we have been demanding them for a long time#ProfesionRiesgoPNyGC — Sup Galicia (@supgalicia) December 25, 2023

Officers managed to reach him in front of the BricoDepot facilities, on Severo Ochoa Avenue, in a vacant lot next to the old train tracks.

During the confrontation with police, the man attempted to hit an officer with an iron bar. The agents tried to stop him with a Taser electric pistol, but it did not work. One of the officers, on the ground, made the shot that would cause the Cuban’s death.

He was a “criminal,” stated the Unified Police Union on social networks in relation to the deceased’s criminal record.

The man, identified as Henry C. C., had resided in Torrejón de Ardoz until three months ago, as reported by El Diario de Galicia. Previously, his relatives had reported him missing. He was located in Galicia after causing an incident at an ATM a few days ago.