The Castroist bureaucracy and the Manual of the Perfect Scoundrel

"Love yourself above all things". This idea is fully embraced by the Castrist leaders, who always exhibit themselves in arrogant poses.

The Castroist bureaucracy and the Manual of the Perfect Scoundrel

In the year 1922, a Cuban journalist, José M. Muzarrieta, wrote a small satirical book titled Manual del Perfecto Sinvergüenza. In a preface he called “Spiritual Exercises,” the author recommended ways of behaving for those who wished to achieve results in the political career.

Muzarrieta was a prophet in his land. Many of those tips, which seem to be followed punctually by the leaders of Castroism, prove their validity. Let’s look at some.

“Love yourself above all things.” This idea is applied entirely by the Castroist leaders, who always display themselves in arrogant poses.

“Never say what you feel, nor feel what you say.” A phrase followed to the letter, because they say things that later almost never come true or they twist them.

“Daring, that should be your main characteristic.” Nothing better to illustrate the position of Fidel Castro during his struggle to take power and maintain it until his death. To this day, this recommendation is practiced by his successors, who are capable of anything in order to cling to power.

“No idea is good if it is not your own.” That is, of Fidel Castro and his successors.

“Any procedure is good for success.” It was applied by Fidel since the attack on the Moncada Barracks.

“Do not fight the so-called tyrannies, stand by the side of the tyrants and exploit others, never swim against the current.” The Cuban regime has applied this since 1959 to support all left-wing tyrannies.

“Live life 24 hours at a time, remember that one of these days you have to die.” If there is a very true phrase in this manual, it is this, applied meticulously by the high hierarchy for themselves and their families, who live like kings.

“Avoid accepting anything as definitive. You must always be hope.” An expression used daily to excite their supporters and maintain in them the idea that if they strive and sacrifice they will have more, regardless of the problems that arise along the way.

“Look over your shoulder, give yourself importance.” One only has to see the posture adopted in public by the current leaders.

“Laws were not made for you to comply with, but for you to mock them.” What a great truth! In Cuba, socialist legality adjusts to what the rulers think, believe, and say, which is why they change the laws according to their convenience.

“Do not go to bed without having done something for your own benefit.” Every passing day they invent a story that allows them to stay in power indefinitely.

“Perseverance chains fortune, the one who knows how to live always wins.” That’s why they travel a lot to other countries, to relate to others like them.

“Try to put on weight, fat people always look like nice people.” There is not one of the current Cuban leaders who does not have a belly and double width.

“Think that power is at the same distance from you as it is from itself.” The fight for power positions here is the order of the day. Among the leaders, they spy on each other and trip each other up. Purges and defenestrations are constant.

“Always aspire, when you least think it, you will succeed.” This message is a continuation of the previous one, but seen from the one who is below.

“Always look forward, the past is not yours.” They have done this for 65 years.

“You can quickly get to know your peers if you judge them by yourself.” That is why they criticize other Governments, without taking into account the atrocities they commit.

“You are not obliged to fulfill pacts and commitments that do not favor you.” This recommendation has been fully complied with over these 65 years, during which they have been modifying their position according to their interests and the changes in the world.

“Legal is all that brings you some benefit.” Nothing is more truthful than this, and it faithfully matches all the ideological transformations of Castroism.

Muzarrieta, by warning that “these exercises do not exclude others that emanate from your natural shamelessness that is characteristic to you,” thus left the door open to continue adding deceit and villainy. Were the leaders of Castroism to do this, they could form an encyclopedia of at least 20 volumes.