The tax filing season before the IRS begins on January 29.

It is important that filers gather all the correct information they need before submitting their declaration.

The tax filing season before the IRS begins on January 29.

The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announces that next January 29th will mark the beginning of the 2024 tax season. This year, it is expected that more than 128.7 million returns will be filed before April 15th, the deadline to avoid penalties for non-compliance with tax obligations.

The IRS has prepared a series of significant improvements for this season, including the reopening of Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC) to offer personalized attention. Additionally, the callback feature has been expanded to reduce waiting times. These improvements are part of the IRS’s ongoing effort to facilitate the tax return filing process.

Another of the most notable new features is the Direct File pilot program, which will be implemented in phases and will be available in mid-March for certain taxpayers in participating states. This program seeks to simplify the tax filing process even more.

Taxpayers from Maine and Massachusetts will have until April 17th to file their returns due to local holidays. In addition, those in areas declared disasters by the federal government will receive more time to file their taxes.

Refunds will be available 21 days after the declaration is filed

The IRS promises that most refunds, in case taxpayers have a balance in their favor, will be issued in less than 21 days. However, they warn that many different factors can affect the timing of a refund after the IRS receives a return.

Although the IRS issues most refunds in less than 21 days, some returns may require additional review and may take longer. The simplest way to check the status of a refund is via the “Where’s My Refund?” section on or in the IRS2Go app.

Recommendations before filing taxes with the IRS

It is important for filers to gather all the correct information they need before filing their return. Organize and collect tax records, including Social Security numbers, individual taxpayer identification numbers, adoption identification numbers, and this year’s personal identity protection identification numbers (IP PIN). Filing an accurate return can help taxpayers avoid delays in refunds or subsequent IRS mailings about a problem.

Key dates for the 2024 tax season in the USA

October 15th: Deadline for extension applicants.
April 17th: Deadline for Maine and Massachusetts.
April 15th: Deadline to file a tax return or to request an extension for most of the country.
January 29th: Start date of the individual tax return filing season.
January 26th: Awareness Day for the earned income tax credit.
January 16th: Deadline for estimated tax payments for the fourth quarter of 2023.
January 12th: IRS Free File opens.