Two Cuban brothers beat an elderly man to rob him of money and other valuables in Hialeah.

The elderly victim of the robbery is 88 years old.

Two Cuban brothers beat an elderly man to rob him of money and other valuables in Hialeah.

Two Cuban-origin brothers were arrested after beating and robbing an elderly man at gunpoint in his own home in Hialeah.

More than $2,200 in cash, two firearms, a cellphone, and a gold chain with the image of Santa Barbara were taken by the culprits from the home after searching the entire house, where they stayed for at least 50 minutes.

The robbery occurred at about 10:30 am on the past December 4th, on avenue four and 11th street on the east side of Hialeah. The thieves have been identified as Cristian Franchi Torres, 26 years old, and Andry Alberto Torres, 37 years old.

“Tell me where the $10,000 you have are and we’ll leave right now, or else I’ll kill you. That was their phrase,” Julián Chávez, the victim of the robbery, explained in statements to America TeVé.

The 88-year-old man explained that the subjects took advantage of him stepping out of his home for a moment, leaving the door ajar, to enter the house. “They had masks, caps on backward, and their faces were not seen. I shouted ‘Maruchi!’, to a neighbor lady who lives next door, but they punched me and hit me with the pistol,” added the victim.

“The ‘fat one’ had the pistol, the other one was searching everything and found nothing,” Julián Chávez added.

The culprits entered and exited through the back part of the patio and demanded the victim to hand them the keys to a small storage room, from which they took the cash and the two firearms.

“That’s where my son would leave me the money when I was sleeping and I took it,” Chávez recounted, who is now nervous and even afraid to open the door.

The old man explained that he said he needed to urinate, went into the bathroom, and did not come out again. He says when he did not hear any noise he called the police.

The neighbors have been scandalized by the robbery, which they consider an abuse.

“They were set on him only. They should be punished for doing that to a poor old man who is sick at home and doesn’t go out, doing that shouldn’t be. He doesn’t go out from there unless his son comes and takes him from the car. That car is his and he doesn’t use it,” said a neighbor.

The criminals were identified thanks to surveillance cameras in the homes in the area.

The police identified numerous conversations between the two arrested in the days prior to the robbery, in which they exchanged information and images of the house.

This Thursday they appeared before the criminal court, the two Cubans, accused of home invasion and resisting arrest. Both were denied bail.