Yorjelguis Bolaño, the Cuban-American who went missing in Mayabeque, found deceased

Their body appeared in the municipality of San José de las Lajas.

Yorjelguis Bolaño, the Cuban-American who went missing in Mayabeque, found deceased

The Cuban American Yorjelguis Bolaño Fernández, reported missing since the evening of January 7, was found dead near the Animal Science Institute, located in San José de las Lajas, province of Mayabeque, reported CubaNet.

The 41-year-old man had been murdered as part of a robbery, according to the independent media citzen Aylen Fundora, a close friend of the victim. A family member mentioned that among the suspects there could be people who knew Bolaños Fernández, who had arrived from the United States to visit his family in Madruga.

The story of this case began when the man was last seen driving an old blue Chevrolet, with license plate P194951. When he did not return home, his partner, Saray Calvo Marrero, filed a report on social media to try to find him safe and sound.

From that moment on, a desperate search began, which involved offering a reward of $3,000 in exchange for reliable information about a possible whereabouts.

Furthermore, Fundora even shared a message that suggested a possible kidnapping. “If those who took him are looking for money, send us proof of life or return him to the people who love him,” said the netizen.

The friend commented that the man had left his home heading for a private kiosk he owned in the area and was last seen when he left the place in his vehicle, which was captured by security cameras while passing through San José de las Lajas. His cell phone was always turned off since his disappearance was determined.

Days later, the Facebook page Woody Alguacil Cubano reported that the car was found dismantled in a garage in San Miguel del Padrón, Havana.

Bolaño Fernández was the father of three children, two girls and a boy, with the youngest being only four years old. Local authorities are conducting an investigation to clarify the details of the alleged murder and find those responsible.

The National Revolutionary Police (PNR) arrested a woman named Dayanis Vega three days ago for allegedly being linked to the case. According to information provided to the independent portal Cubanos por el Mundo, the suspect had participated in a reconstruction of events that took place at her residence, where burned clothing was found.

A source named Yomi said that this suspect declared she had delivered Bolaño Fernández alive to some people, but afterwards she had no knowledge of the victim’s fate. In addition, it was mentioned that residents of Madruga attempted to assault the detainee when her involvement in the case was revealed.